pebbles - Circular Treemaps Disk Usage Utility


I've lately revived my old circular treemaps code and ported it to Java, in order to create a demo of the idea which people can try out more easily. The long-term plan is to create a version of pebbles which itegrates into the KDE.

General information on the history of treemaps are available at Ben Shneiderman's treemap page

For a first impressions of how circular treemaps look like you can check out my old page (or at the screenshots below).

I hope to get the project of porting circular treemaps to the KDE platform, and adding new functionality by leaveraging the powerful KDE libraries, accepted as a Google Summer of Code project. (not selected)


Feature I want to add after the initial port of pebbles to KDE is done:

Long-term features and possibilities:

Some screenshot of the Java demo which is available for dowload:

circular treemaps - screenshot 1

circular treemaps - screenshot 2

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