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KDE Color Scheme Control Panel

I added a little color to my local copy of the KDE 3.0 color scheme control panel. :-)

This is the original dialog (taken retrospectively, though, from my RedHat 8.0 installation) :

I thought it would be easier to pick a color scheme from the list if some visual cue about what colors it contained was included, so I hacked the KDE panel's list box to display the color group represented by the respective list item as little filled rectangles next to the text, aligned for easier comparison:

Fine, it shows the overall color style quite well but there are some shortcomings:

In the next attempt, I tried to put the individual colors into context and weighted them by placing text colors as small rectangles inside larger rectangles representing the corresponding background colors. In the case of window manager border (to the right) I show light and dark colors of the gradiants as distinctly colored half-rectangles.

Getting there, but still not optimal - needs some time to get used to and doesn't address all of the points raised above. I think the dominating colors come across much better:

As soon as I have a non-production KDE installed on one of the computers I'll try to implement some ideas to get away with above shortcomings:

A mockup showing some of the potential variations:

If a more recent KDE or another system includes a similar idea I'd like to know about it - maybe you can send me a screenshot. If you have any comments or ideas just drop me a line.
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